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Geroge Polman-Way Too Cool Top dealer!

George offers many years of selling Way Too Cool Lamps in the southern Phoenix area.  He also has a full list of accessories and rocks.  


Tracy and Li of Teclook China-Servicing most of Asia-they are experienced with fluorescent rock daylight rock and some metaphysical.  


Tom And Pam Kottyan Ohio-Tom and Pam do several shows a year and offer many daylight fluorescent and other items.


Way Too Cool Lamp dealers

Patrick Bigos-Maine-Authorized East coast sales service and repair. You can usually find Patrick at the Sterling Hill and Franklin shows twice a year.  


Graham Fraser-Australia-A friend and fellow rock enthusiasts.  Graham, has taken particular interest in the micro/macro photography of fluorescent minerals and has published some great information.  He has quite a reputation for the finds he has made in the outback!


Mike and Chris Whittier-CA-Also go to many shows in the spring.  They have been long time dealers for Way Too Cool LLC.


Franklin Mineral Museum, 32 Evans Street, Franklin, NJ   07416-Part of the Fluorescent Capital of the WORLD.  All fluorescent's are displayed with Way Too Cool LLC display lamps.  You can order your lamps here and have them delivered to you directly.


Darwin Warriner-CA- Long time dealer for WTC, LLC and recently selling and exhibiting at the TGMS convention center. Sells fluorescent and daylight rocks and lamps.